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Poetry Reading by Ronald Harrison Fenn

Saturday, November 19th at 12:00 p.m.

 “Through All Seasons into Autumn: Select Nature Poems of Ronald Harrison Fenn” 

You are invited to attend a special afternoon with local poet Ronald Harrison Fenn as he shares his Autumn poetry with us.

Mr. Fenn’s poems have been published in various periodicals, magazines, and other publications, including the 2014 Dennis Conservation Land Trust newsletter and the Cape Cod Times Sunday edition in July 2019, chosen by blind selection by a panel of published poets. He is working on a new project, a “Poetic Diary” geared toward spontaneous free verse and prose, and “Wind on Water” short poems inspired by the T’ang dynasty poets. 

A teacher at Cape Cod Community College, Mr. Fenn previously taught at Cambridge College and Suffolk University. He is a past member of the Shakespeare Oxford Society and Shakespeare Fellowship. 

Mr. Fenn devotes his time to writing, traveling, and uncovering the historical roots of uniquely diverse American character.