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Explore Your Artistic Side

Saturday, August 13th at 11:00 a.m.

Artist and teacher Stéphanie Williams will lead a class in exploring art for fun – no judgement! – in order to gain new ways to see the world around us. Participants will work with pencils, ink, oil pastels, and beeswax and become familiar with terms such as contour drawing, negative space, and viewfinders. No prior experience necessary. Come and play! Bring a family member, a partner, or a friend, and enjoy creating together and discover the pleasure of taking home an invaluable experience and a unique piece of art: Yours! Call the Library to register, as space is limited.

Stéphanie Williams is an artist who studies the effect of nature, people, creatures, environments, sounds, and energies. Her process is mainly experiential. She sketches copiously, immersing herself in her surroundings; she welcomes incidents that frustrate, twist, drain, and, most likely, rejuvenate during the making of each piece. The wax from her own bees, with its unique smell, feel, tones and translucent quality, made its way into her work in combination with graphite and oil. Although she never loses track of her classical training, she loves engaging the senses, her own during the artistic process or the viewer with whom she shares the adventure.

Born and raised in France, Stéphanie enjoys wandering in the world. Today, she is a teacher, an artist, a designer, a beekeeper, and a mother, happily calling the North Shore of Boston home. Whenever she leaves her art studio, she takes a sketchbook with her.