Updates- COVID-19

By order of the Town of Dennis, Dennis Public Library is currently closed.
Visit the Town's website through the link below for more information:

Staff will be available to assist you remotely Monday-Friday. Please send questions to den_mail@clamsnet.org or leave a voicemail message on our main phone line: 508-760-6219 including your return call information.

Please keep checked out items until libraries reopen.

Daily Trivia

Each weekday of our closure, we will post a fun trivia question for all of you!

Wednesday, June 3rd:
Check out our online newspaper archives or the CLAMS catalog to find the answer to the following trivia question.

The first book in the NUMA Files, an adventure/thriller series featuring hero Kurt Austin, was written by Clive Cussler and local author Paul Kemprecos. The story begins with the sinking of the Andrea Doria off the Nantucket coast in 1956.  The name of this book is:

A.  Iceberg
B.  Grey Lady
C.  Serpent
D.  Deep Six

Tuesday, June 2nd:
Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich has reopened and is offering 50% off admission for up to 2 adults and 4 children when using the DPL discount code. Contact the library for details.

In 1921 this individual purchased Shawme Farm in Sandwich and turned it into a country estate for his family.  Originally a textile manufacturer, he began experimenting with rhododendrons and acquired plants from all over the world to create hybrids that became known for their resilience, scent, color and large blossoms.  His estate became the Heritage Museums and Gardens which contains a stunning rhododendron garden. This benefactor was:

A   Charles S. Sargent
B.  Frederick Law Olmsted
C.  Thomas Dolliver Church
D.  Charles Owen Dexter

Check back tomorrow afternoon for the answer and for your next trivia question!