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Artist Rachel Crosby displaying in our Meeting Room

September 2022

Despite pursuing a professional career as a data analyst and computer programmer, Rachel Crosby has created art of one kind or another for most of her adult life. In her youth she studied drawing and badgered friends to let her sketch them, She also started working with color, creating what could be called "jigsaw abstracts" (strongly outlined, interlocking shapes). She painted several surreal and impressionistic wall murals and decorated the outside of a VW bus with scenes and shapes inspired by her burgeoning interest in Buddhism and meditation.

She moved to Cape Cod in 1994 and began to work with acrylic paint on canvas and paper. She also explored other mediums, such as permanent marker, watercolor, and what she calls "3D Art." In the intervening years, she's produced many of the pieces featured in the current show. You can view more of Rachel's art on Instagram: @rachelcrosbyyippee