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Artist Elizabeth Kelly Walker displaying in our Meeting Room

June 2022

Elizabeth Kelly Walker is a local artist, who has displayed previously at Dennis Public Library, as well as other locations on Cape and around New England. 

Her process involves recording her previous night's dreams in sketch books, using either pen and ink, pastel pencil, or oil pastels. When she paints, she works from these sketchbooks, roughing in the dream images on Masonite panels, making sure that the main composition looks good. She then prepares palette colors that feel appropriate.

Her dream images come from her subconscious concerns, worries, and reflections. They allow her to see inside herself.

"Art is a communication, and  I am able to relate in a visual way through thoughts, ideas, and emotions. I often work in series. I am concerned with ecological problems and relationships between people and animals and between different species. I also try to channel celebratory affirmations of nature. My dreams have become more intense during the recent pandemic and mounting global issues. The paintings in this show are a reflection of my subconscious responses to these disturbing and confusing times."

The public is welcome to a reception on Thursday, June 2nd at 5:00 in the Benjamin & Ruth Muse Meeting Room.