Library Status

The library building is open to the public and waiting to welcome you.

Dennis searches Fireside Reads

No library card? Enjoy our Fireside Reads!

Although Dennis already has his library card, he still enjoys looking at our "Fireside Read" titles. These compact mass market paperback books are easy to grab when you're on the go. Through the seasons, this section in our lobby changes from "Beach Reads" to "Fireside Reads" to "Garden Reads." Of course, we all know there's no end to the good places and good times to read a book. 

Options for using this collection are:
  • Donate a quarter for each book to the Friends' Book sale
  • Take a book, leave a book of your own
  • Borrow and return
Limit four books per visit - no library card needed.

P.S. Dennis may not be reading his books fireside (for obvious reasons), but he's happy if you do.